Adrenalin Product Profile

Need For Social HCM

Adrenalin 5.0 – The Social HCM The business landscape is changing. We are entering what many call the ‘post-digital era’ – a confluence of emerging technologies leading to new possibilities for consumers, enterprises and technology vendors. Shifts in consumer experience have led to shifts in workplace expectations too. Outside work, people are constantly immersed in consumer experiences designed to be simple, personalised and engaging. When at work, they don’t forget how they were treated as consumers. Hence employees now expect a modern experience, mirroring the one they receive as empowered consumers.

This shift in consumer experience coupled with increasing pace of change, demands a technology that helps workforce complete work transactions or collaborate with colleagues too. Hence, the need for Social HCM.

Adrenalin 5.0 – The Social HCM

Move from transactional HCM to a more engaging Adrenalin 5.0 – The Social HCM, a single platform that allows you to perform all your cross-organisational operations across time and business locations, thereby empower ing your organi sat ion. Breakdown organisational silos and help your workforce connect,
communicate, collaborate and excel at a great level.

Adrenalin 5.0 is a fusion of the most advanced of HCM services that enhances corporate and executive
communication. We have applied Gartner’s ‘Pace Layering’ for this version. ‘Pace Layering’ can be broadly classified
into 3 types:

System of Innovation: Refers to new applications that are built on an ad hoc basis to address new business requirements or opportunities

System of Differentiation: Involves applications that enable unique company processes or industry specific capabilities

System of Record: Refers to systems that support core transaction processing and manage the organisation’s critical master data