Ambit Software Elevates SugarCRM Experience with CPQ Add-On on Sugar Outfitters


Ambit Software Elevates SugarCRM Experience with Seamless Integration of CPQ Add-On on Sugar Outfitters

Pune, India – 17th Nov 2023 – Ambit Software, a leading provider of CRM/CX solutions, is proud to announce the availability of its Configure Price Quote (CPQ) add-on on Sugar Outfitters, a premier platform offering curated tools for SugarCRM users.

Ambit’s CPQ add-on transforms the management of critical functions for SugarCRM users, encompassing configuration, quotation, order management, approval workflows, and e-signatures, all within the familiar SugarCRM interface. With its now accessible presence on Sugar Outfitters, users, including customers and partners, can seamlessly access and integrate this robust tool into their existing SugarCRM environment.

The availability of Ambit’s CPQ add-on on Sugar Outfitters reflects Ambit Software’s commitment to delivering a smooth user experience, allowing users to enhance efficiency and productivity within their SugarCRM ecosystem.

Jenit Ramaiya, CEO & MD at Ambit Software, remarked, “The availability of our CPQ add-on on Sugar Outfitters represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower businesses with innovative solutions for the Manufacturing segment. We are excited to offer this powerful tool to a broader audience through the Sugar Outfitters platform.”

Highlighted features of Ambit’s CPQ add-on comprise–

  • Price Books, 
  • Price Lists, 
  • Product Bundling/Kitting/Assembly, 
  • Accessories/Add-On Management,  
  • Advanced Pricing Engine, 
  • Guided Selling with Upsell & Cross-Sell Recommendations, 
  • Real-Time Warehouse Stock Status (when integrated with ERP),
  • Seamless Integration with DocuSign for accelerated deal closures.

This collaboration between Ambit Software and Sugar Outfitters reinforces the value proposition for SugarCRM users, granting them convenient access to a comprehensive suite of solutions that amplify the capabilities of their Sugar platform.

For further details about Ambit Software’s CPQ add-on and additional offerings on Sugar Outfitters, please visit Sugar Outfitters – Ambit CPQ.

November 18, 2023

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