Sugar Con 2016

SugarCon 2016, held in San Francisco from June 13 to June 16, was a pivotal event where SugarCRM Inc. unveiled the innovative Customer Journey Plugin from Addoptify. This enterprise solution automated intricate business processes, aligning them with the customer journey to boost sales performance and enhance customer engagement. The event showcased SugarCRM’s robust growth in global and enterprise customers, highlighting product scalability and innovation. The company’s unwavering focus on CRM without diversions into multiple cloud extensions was emphasized as a strength, allowing for faster core solution innovation. Notably, Ambit was a proud sponsor at this event, contributing to its success.

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13-16 June 2016

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San Francisco

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1:30 PM to10:30 PM

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction of the revolutionary Customer Journey Plugin for automating business processes.
  • Insights into SugarCRM’s enterprise market growth and product scalability.
  • Showcase of new product announcements, including the AI-powered Sugar Intelligent Services.


  • Introduction of the Customer Journey Plugin from Addoptify as a new advanced plugin for Sugar.
  • Ambit’s proud sponsorship, underlining industry collaboration and support.

Event Schedule

13 June 2016

1:30 pm-10:30 pm

14 June 2016

1:30 pm-10:30 pm

15 June 2016

1:30 pm-10:30 pm

16 June 2016

1:30 pm-10:30 pm


  • SugarCRM executives shared insights into the company’s CRM focus and product innovation.
  • Demonstrations and discussions around the Customer Journey Plugin and Sugar Intelligent Services.

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Jun 13 - 16 2016


8:00 am - 5:00 pm