Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – Release Preview Guide


At Microsoft Dynamics, our vision is to help our customers deliver the kinds of amazing customer experiences that will help their business thrive. We believe that there has traditionally been a chasm between marketing and sales that needs to be bridged in order to truly deliver personalized, end-to-end experiences that customers will love. In a world where sellers and marketers must work more closely together to seamlessly and successfully engage customers, Microsoft is providing the solutions that can enable them to deliver amazing customer experiences together. By aligning your organization around what matters most, companies will be able to drive greater success and engagement with their customers.

This document highlights the capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2015 Update), Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (2015 Update) and Microsoft Social Listening (2014 R2) that will further our customers’ abilities to deliver amazing customer experiences. With a commitment to an agile release cycle, there are currently several releases in planning and development. Dynamics CRM 2015 is a major release that will be delivered to our online customers as a customer driven update and to our on-premises customers as version 7.0. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will be delivered as a manual update.

Key Investment Overview

To help our customers market smarter, sell effectively and provide care everywhere, we are investing in the following areas:


Business Context – The world is changing and it is impacting how companies need to engage with customers. Customers are 57% of the way through the buying cycle before they engage with you. Marketers, more than ever, need to be there every step with the customer, ensuring that when the customer does reach out, sales, marketing and the customer are all on the same page. Marketing owns more of the customer journey than ever before, so they must engage customers in new ways, across new channels in a personalized, relevant way. At the same time, marketers are being held increasingly accountable for the ROI of their marketing investment, yet most lack the ability to track campaigns end-to-end and understand impact in real-time. More than 50% of CMO’s feel unprepared for the new marketing landscape.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing enables your marketing team to seamlessly go from planning, to execution, leveraging the power of Excel and Power BI to measure campaigns across channels from start to finish so you can bring your marketing vision to life. You can engage customers one-to-one across channels, build your sales pipeline and demonstrate the impact of your marketing investments in real-time.

Multi-channel Marketing

Today’s buyer is smart and getting smarter each day. You need to understand what matters most to them and help them get to the truth that they seek. Quickly and consistently. The 2015 update of Dynamics Marketing helps organizatons streamline campaign creation and improve segmentation with graphical email editing, A/B and split testing, integrated offers and approval workflows.